January 27 to March 3: Study in London, England

October 11 to November 29: Study in Sweden

August 11 – 21: The Last Resort, Stirling Festival Theatre, Stirling, Ontario.

I’m playing Jessica and Julia (twins!)

July 1 to 20: Assistant Instructor for the Nordic Stage Fight Society summer workshop in Tampere, Finland.

Nordic Stage Fight Society’s website

June 14 to 30: with Brad Waller at Academy for Classical Acting, Washingtonn DC.

June 11 to 14: Training with Dwight McLemore, Surry, Virginia

March 9 to 25: Linköping and Norrköping, Sweden (with a quick stop-over in London, England on the way home), with Brad Waller and Peppe Östensson

January 25 to February 5, 2010: Washington, DC, working with Brad Waller

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