Mar 20 2011

Back in Toronto

Epic fail on the blogging this time around! I have lots of notes though, so I’ll get to posting tidbits very soon. To tell you the truth, I get these enormous ideas, and have a hard time distilling them into small “blog-sized” articles. Less worry, more writing!

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Jan 28 2011

Now in England!

I’m starting the third and final travel phase of this fellowship.  I’m also catching up on lots of posts.  It’s been incredibly busy since Sweden, and I’m waaaay behind on writing.  I’m going to upload them as I get them done.

Stay tuned!

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Dec 14 2010

Quote of the Day

“It isn’t just technical. In fact, technique is just a way to get to the human part…”

from the documentary “Note by Note” movie trailer

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Nov 8 2010

Leaving Tromsø

I have been loving the weather in Tromsø over the last 24 hours. I love snow (I live in a condo, so I don’t have to shovel it), and it’s been snowing on and off for the last day. To watch it fall on the city and then see the city and the mountains a glow with snow is beautiful and awe-inspiring. Especially as the sun rises. Unfortunately now, the incoming flight (ie. the plane we’re supposed to get on) has landed at an airport 3 hours away because of weather conditions. Let’s see what happens. Maybe my layover in Oslo won’t be quite so long…

UPDATE: Departure time updated to noon.

UPDATE: Departure updated to 1:00 pm now. Hmmm. Might need to grab lunch soon. It’s fun watching the enormous snow blowers!

UPDATE: The plane we’re supposed to get on has left the airport where it made it’s impromptu stop (actually only about 20 minutes away). Looking outside right now though, I really don’t see how it can land. It’s a bit of a blizzard out there! I think I’ll make the executive decision and grab a beer.

Nope, I chickened out. I don’t really want to chug a beer if it turns out I have to board quickly. If it gets delayed again, I’ll go drink and eat.

Gak!! My leg is asleep! Been sitting on the tile floor too long. Why am I sitting on a tile floor, you ask. I’m charging my computer and the only outlets are not near the chairs. But why am I still sitting on the tile floor…?

It’s quarter after one. Plane was supposed to land at ten after one. Shoulda had a beer. You know, there’s so many delays today. and I KNOW that all I can do is wait. Worrying about my train ride at the end of the day will get me nothing. I won’t be able to pre-pay my phone today. Who knows if I will catch a bus to Vistgården tonight. But what I CAN do right now is relax. Hooray for knitting.

Just tried to put the headphone jack in my ear. Was a little uncomfortable, but mostly hoping that no one saw.

There’s a baby standing beside me, watching TEDtalks with me. I hope she doesn’t puke on my keyboard.

(my transcribing has more energy than I do)

Ha haaa! Now a 25 minute (or more!) delay on in the plane while we wait for them to clear the runway.

Finally in Oslo now. Found some brown cheese to take home! Getting a reindeer pelt to bring home! Woot!

And the last big question of my journey: Will I make it to the train on time?
Answer: Yes! Hooray, home — my Sweden home, that is — soon… ish. That is, no more time-crunches and variables :-)

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